For more than twenty years, Tawnya Ganfield has consulted with international business executives on strategies and behaviors that work more effectively with people of other countries. She has coached Fortune 500 CEOs and regional directors of multiple nationalities.

Ms. Ganfield’s deep understanding of culture, coupled with her managerial business experience, allows her to deliver insights specifically focused on business.

She has lived and worked in Venezuela, Spain, the Dominican Republic and Belgium and traveled to dozens of other locations. As a result, she speaks fluent French and Spanish. Ms. Ganfield has conducted cultural trainings on four continents.

Prior to owning her own consulting business, Ms. Ganfield worked for a major global consulting firm as a manager, consultant and business developer in International Human Capital. Her specialties include global leadership development, cultural integration for international mergers and acquisitions, dilemma reconciliation, cultural conflict mediation, international assignment management, expatriate program and policy development, cross-cultural training, talent development strategy design, international human resource processes for multinational corporations and global inclusion.

Her experience includes managing global teams from industries such as automotive, manufacturing, consumer products, medical technology, communications and financial services.

Today, Ms. Ganfield speaks at international organization conferences and corporate meetings on the topic of human capital and its global implications. She trains for numerous organizations on increasing cultural intelligence.

Ms. Ganfield received her degree in Communications from Marquette University, specializing in intercultural communication. Ms. Ganfield is a member and national speaker at SIETAR, the Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research and is on the board of advisors for the local AIESEC chapter.